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Published online 2013 April 2. doi: 10.1371/journal.pmed.1001414

Table 1

Definition of outcomes.
Acceptability Numerator defined as those individuals who chose to self-test.
Denominator defined as all those who were offered and consented to test.
Uptake = numerator/denominator (computed as a percentage)
Accuracy Accuracy was defined by sensitivity and specificity parameters.
Index test was a self-test result.
Reference standard tests were combination of conventional lab tests for HIV (rapid tests or ELISA with p24 and/or Western blot depending on high- versus low-resource setting)
Concordance Concordance for self-testing was reported as a measure of agreement between the test result between the individual and health care worker quantified either as percentage agreement or with the Cohen's Kappa (κ) inter-rater agreement
Feasibility Documented completion of self-testing and counselling process.
Includes ease of performance and interpretation of self-testing results, and documentation of errors, initiation of linkages.
Motivators Factors contributing to the acceptability of HIV self tests