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Logo of nihpaAbout Author manuscriptsSubmit a manuscriptHHS Public Access; Author Manuscript; Accepted for publication in peer reviewed journal;
Cancer Res. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2013 February 20.
Published in final edited form as:
Cancer Res. 2012 July 1; 72(13): 3337–3349.
doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-12-0269

Table 1

GRP78 alteration results in phenotypic cellular switch

ProteinHUGO gene symbolGO physiologic roleEffect of GRP78 overexpression (fold change)Effect of GRP78 knockdown (fold change)
GRP94 HSP90B1 EnR HSP90 chaperone involved in EnR stress response↑ 3.31
ER-α ESR1 Estrogen receptor-α, growth and proliferation↓ 1.76
HSC70 HSPA8 ATP-binding protein in the HSP70 family↓ 2.94
NF-κB (p65) RELA Transcription factor
TORC1 CRTC1 mTOR complex 1, glucose-mediated growth and inhibits autophagy↓ 6.89
Phospho-mTOR/mTOR MTOR Glucose-mediated growth and inhibits autophagy↓ 2.47
IRE1 ERN1 UPR sensor↓ 1.50↑ 2.29
XBP1-S XBP1 UPR effector, unconventionally spliced by activated IRE1↓ 1.88↑ 2.11
CHOP DDIT3 UPR effector, proapoptotic↓ 3.04↑ 2.40
PERK EIF2AK3 UPR sensor↓ 2.50↑ 2.34
ATF6 ATF6 UPR sensor
BCL-2 BCL2 Antiapoptotic, prosurvival↑ 2.62
BCL-W BCL2L2 Antiapoptotic (BCL2 family member)↑ 1.87↓ 2.17
BCL-XL BCL2L1 Antiapoptotic (BCL2 family member)↑ 4.69↓ 1.71
Beclin-1 BECN1 Autophagy regulator
ATG9 ATG9A Integral membrane protein found in autophagosomes↑ 3.08

NOTE: GRP78 was overexpressed in LCC1 cells (low-endogenous GRP78 expression) and knocked down in LCC9 cells (high-endogenous GRP78 expression), proteins were isolated, and protein expression of GRP94, ER-α, HSC70, NF-κB (p65), phospho-mTOR, mTOR, TORC1, PERK, ATF6, IRE1, XBP1-S, CHOP, BCL2, BCL-W, BCL-XL, BECN1, and ATG9 were investigated by Western blot hybridization.

Abbreviations: GO, Gene Ontology (; HUGO, human genome organization (; EnR, endoplasmic reticulum.