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Published online 2012 November 2. doi: 10.1186/1471-2229-12-199

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The nuclear localization of npr1 alleles is not relevant for resistance induced by MeJA. (a) Transient expression of GFP, NPR1:GFP, and six npr1 alleles (three from Figure Figure1a1a and three from Figure Figure1b).1b). Agrobacterium tumefaciens containing the mentioned genes under the promoter 35S were infiltrated in leaves of Nicotiana benthamiana, and the expression was detected with a confocal microscopy four days later. (b) The cytoplasmic anchoring of NPR1 does not complement npr1-1 in its response to MeJA. Plants with the transgene 35SCaMVp:NPR1:HBD (abbreviated as 3NH) in npr1-1 or npr1-3 background and its controls were treated with either dexamethasone (DEX) or mock solution, and then treated with either MeJA or mock solution. One day later, Pto was inoculated and measured as described in Figure Figure1.1. One asterisk means a significant difference with P<0.05, and two asterisks means P<0.01 (Student’s test of one tail).

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