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Published online 2013 January 18. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0054738

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Doxorubicin decreases AQP2 in inner medulla (IM) and Erlotinib restores levels in IM tip.

Shown: AQP2 protein abundance in IM tip and base tissue of control rats (Ctrl; white bars), doxorubicin treated rats (Dox; solid black bars), and doxorubicin + Erlotinib treated rats (Dox + Erl; patterned bars). A: Representative immunoblots showing abundance of AQP2 in IM tip and base tissue lysates. Each lane containes samples from a different rat. B: Densitometric analysis of western blots from 3 cohorts of animals. Data were normalized for the average densitometry of untreated animals in each group. Data are expressed as means ± SE (n = 11, * p<0.05).

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