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Published online 2012 December 5. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0050458

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The combined deletion of VID28 and VID30 has an increased effect on Hxt3 turnover, which is maintained when the native promoter is exchanged for the MET25 promoter.

BY4742 (WT) and vid28Δvid30Δ expressing HXT3-GFP from either the native promoter or the MET25 promoter were cultured in glucose media (left) or glucose media minus methionine (right) as described in the methods (time 0). Following a switch to ethanol media (left) or ethanol media plus methionine (right), samples were collected at the indicated times and analyzed by (A) fluorescence microscopy, and (B) Western analysis with anti-GFP antibodies. Identical blots were also probed with anti-ADH antibody as a loading control.

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