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Published online 2012 December 4. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0051046

Table 2

Clinical Variables Associated with Telomere Length.
Model adjusted for age, gender, and ethnicity(n = 3157, R2 = 0.044)Full model(n = 3047, R2 = 0.048)
Beta (SE)P-valueBeta (SE)P-value
Age (per year)−0.0045 (0.0004)2.7×10−27−0.0044 (0.0004)1.1×10−24
Male−0.0386 (0.0092)2.8×10−5−0.0365 (0.0093)9.1×10−5
European Am. vs. African Am.0.0042 (0.0101)0.67910.0091 (0.0106)0.3945
Hispanic vs. African Am.0.0274 (0.013340.04160.0400 (0.0148)0.0069
Hispanic vs. European Am.0.0232 (0.0143)0.10480.0310 (0.0146)0.0339
Past smoking−0.0064 (0.0116)0.5844
Current smoking−0.0406 (0.0114)0.0004
TERC SNP rs2293607−0.0249 (0.0088)0.0048
Relative T/S ratios were logarithm transformed prior to analysis. The effect sizes (betas) are reported as mean differences in the logarithm of T/S ratio associated with a one-unit increase in a quantitative predictor, or with a particular category of a qualitative predictor, compared to the reference group. Corresponding changes in T/S ratio are multiplicative, i.e., T/S ratios differ by a factor ebeta. Interactions between age and gender and between age and ethnicity were not statistically significant and were not included in the final model.