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Table I

Adhesion-related genes differentially expressed by MΦ of MRL vs. BALB/c mice.

Gene nameGene functionDifference*
Apoptotic cell-dependent differential gene expression
Over-expressed by MRL MΦ
 Microtubule-associated protein 6Reg. of μ T NW+3.7
 MAGE-1Inhibition of adhesion and motility+3.0
 PlexinReg. of axonal growth cone migration in CNS+3.0
 Kif5BReg. of μ T NW+3.0
 β-actinComponent of actin CS+2.8
 Kif23Reg. of μ T NW; interacts with Cyk4, a RhoGAP+2.8
 Citron kinaseReg. of actin CS; downstream effector of Rho+2.6
 Stathmin 1Reg. of μ T NW; downstream effector of Rac/Cd42+2.3
 C-type lectin, SF member 6Lectin cell surface adhesion receptor+2.3
 DOCK2Reg. of μ T NW; upstream regulator of Rac+2.1
 Rap2BRas family member; cell growth and differentiation+2.1
 Centaurin-γ2Reg. of the actin CS+2.0
 Arrestin β1Reg. of G protein-dependent signaling+2.0
 Ras p21 protein activator 3RasGAP+1.9
 Lectin, galactose binding, sol. 1Sol. receptor specific for β-galactose lectins+1.7
 NeuropilinReg. of axonal growth cone migration in CNS+1.6
Under-expressed by MRL MΦ
 Chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan 2ECM protein−6.4
 VCAM-1Adhesion receptor−4.9
 HSP70Expression is transcriptionally reg. by actin CS−4.3
 MetadherinAdhesion receptor involved in adhesion/motility−4.3
 DecorinECM protein−2.6
 Matrix metalloproteinase 9Modification of ECM−2.6
 Lectin, galactose binding, sol. 8Sol. receptor specific for β-galactose lectins−2.5
 Plexin A3Reg. of axonal growth cone migration in CNS−2.3
 Rab7Ras SF member; vesicular transport−2.1
 Rab5ARas SF member; vesicular transport−2.1
 Procollagen, type I, α1ECM protein−2.1
 DOCK7Reg. of μ T NW; upstream regulator of Rac−2.0
 Gelsolin-like actin filament capping proteinReg. of actin CS−2.0
 Rsk3Downstream effector of Cdc42−2.0
 Arp 2/3 complex, subunit 5Reg. of actin CS; downstream effector of Rac/Cdc42−2.0
 Ras p21 protein activator 4RasGAP−1.9
Fixed differential expression
Over-expressed by MRL MΦ
 CT-2Adhesion receptor mediating cell–cell interactions+6.1
 Matrix metallopeptidase 13Modification of ECM+5.7
 TGF-β-induced, 68 kDaInhibitor of adhesion induced by TGF-β+4.3
 DM-GRASPCell surface adhesion receptor+2.0
Under-expressed by MRL MΦ
 CD72Adhesion receptor mediating cell–cell interactions−11.3
 iNOS2ADownstream effector of Rac−3.5
 Thrombospondin 1Secreted molecule mediating cell–cell interactions−2.6
 UrokinaseModification of ECM−2.5
 Integrin-β1 binding protein 1Reg. of integrin-mediated adhesion−2.3

CS = cytoskeleton

μT NW = microtubular network

Reg. = regulator

Sol. = soluble

*Differences were determined at 8 and 24 h after stimulation, and the greater of these values is given. Over- and under-expression by MRL MΦ are indicated by plus and minus signs, respectively;
Differences were determined in presence and absence of SL-Apo. Differences for genes listed in “Fixed differential expression” exceeded 1.75 for both conditions. Differences for genes in “Apoptotic cell-dependent differential expression” exceeded 1.75 only in presence of SL-Apo.