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Logo of nihpaAbout Author manuscriptsSubmit a manuscriptHHS Public Access; Author Manuscript; Accepted for publication in peer reviewed journal;
Am J Psychiatry. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2013 August 1.
Published in final edited form as:
Am J Psychiatry. 2012 August 1; 169(8): 851–859.
doi: 10.1176/appi.ajp.2012.11101546

Table 1

Radiochemical parameters for [123I]5-IA in acutely depressed (aMDD) and recovered depressed (rMDD) subjects and their respective controls (C-aMDD, C-rMDD).

MeasureAcutely Depressed (aMDD, N=8)aMDD Controls (C-aMDD, N=8)Recovered Depressed (rMDD, N=15)rMDD Controls (C-rMDD, N=15)Statistics
Total parent level, kBq/mL0.37 (0.07)0.34 (0.17)0.28 (0.10)0.38 (0.006)F3,38=5.1, p=0.005
Free parent level, kBq/mL0.13 (0.02)0.11 (0.06)0.13 (0.02)0.09 (0.03)F3,38=5.5, p=0.003
Free fraction level, kBq/mL.%34.1 (3.2)31.7 (3.4)35.4 (3.0)33.1 (4.8)F3,38=1.1, p=0.4
Total injected dose, MBq363.5 (10.3)326.3 (62.6)360.2 (36.0)344.2 (46.3)F3,42=0.9, p=0.48
Bolus dose, MBq157.7 (7.1)148.1 (26.6)157.4 (15.7)149.3 (20.7)F3,42=0.8, p=0.49
Infusion dose, MBq206 (5.5)190.2 (33.3)202.9 (20.4)194.9 (25.7)F3,42=0.9, p=0.45
Bolus to infusion ratio7.0 (0.02)7.0 (0.04)7.0 (0.03)7.0 (0.03)F3,42=1.4, 0.26