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Published online 2012 September 5. doi: 10.1186/gb-2012-13-9-r48

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Chromatin features of the six types of regions in K562. (a) DNase I hypersensitivity from the dataset Uw.OpenChrom.K562.Dnase.Na (compare Figure S8E in Additional file 2). (b) FAIRE signals from the dataset Unc.OpenChrom.K562.Faire.Na. (c) H3K4me1 signals from the dataset Broad.Histone.K562.H3K4me1.Std. (d) H3K4me2 signals from the dataset Broad.Histone.K562.H3K4me2.Std. (e) H3K4me3 signals from the dataset Broad.Histone.K562.H3K4me3.Std. (f) H3K9me3 signals from the dataset Broad.Histone.K562.H3k9me3.Std. (g) H3K27ac signals from the dataset Broad.Histone.K562.H3k27ac.Std. (h) H3K27me3 signals from the dataset Uw.Histone.K562.H3k27me3.Std. (i) H3K36me3 signals from the dataset Uw.Histone.K562.H3k36me3.Std. Each dataset ID has the format <Data source>.<Experiment type>.<Cell line>.<Open chromatin method/histone modification/TF>.<Experiment details>. The dot in each box-and-whisker plot is the average value. Some outlier values are not shown. See Materials and methods for details.

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