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Published online 2012 July 16. doi: 10.1002/brb3.77

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Rotarod and EBST testing deficits persist after 1 month. (a) Rotarod testing demonstrated clear deficits after stroke in the Large Stroke group, but nonsignificant deficits in the entire group. (b) Baseline EBST results reflected side preferences in mice. Each dot represents the average of three prestroke testing days. Bar, mean. (c) EBST testing demonstrates deficits in the Large Stroke group but not in the All Stroke group. Black dotted line indicates baseline average for all mice. Bars, SEM; P values on graphs are repeated measures ANOVA for Large Stroke versus Sham over the course of the study. Tables below the graphs are results for each day using Mann–Whitney as data were nonparametric for both tests.

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