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Bioinformation. 2012; 8(19): 938–942.
Published online 2012 October 1. doi:  10.6026/97320630008938
PMCID: PMC3488836

Niche specific amino acid features within the core genes of the genus Shewanella


Shewanella species are found to dwell in various ecological niches. The widespread habitation where they live requires specific adaptations. Recent advances in genomic approaches, such as in sequencing technologies, generate huge amount of genomic data that lend support towards understanding the microbial evolution and diversity through comparative study. In this manuscript, we discuss a comparative analysis of core genes of phylogenetically related twelve members from the genus Shewanella. Phylogenetic analysis based on the core genes, differentiated two subgroups of the genus, one group comprises of species characterized as highpressure cold-adapted while the other group is characterized as mesophilic pressure-sensitive species. By analyzing the differences of amino acid composition of these two groups, we have identified the specific trend of amino acid usage that has been adopted by the psychro-peizo-tolerant Shewanella species. The functional categories have also been recognized which are responsible for rendering the particular amino acid compositional pattern in psychropeizophilic Shewanella species facilitating their niche adaptation.

Keywords: Shewanella sp, core gene, amino acid composition, phylogenetic tree

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