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Ann Lab Med. 2012 November; 32(6): 442–444.
Published online 2012 October 17. doi:  10.3343/alm.2012.32.6.442
PMCID: PMC3486941

The First Korean Case Report of Anti-Gerbich

You La Jeon, M.D.,1,4 Tae Sung Park, M.D.,2 Sun Young Cho, M.D.,2 Seung Hwan Oh, M.D.,3 Myeong Hee Kim, M.D.,4 So Young Kang, M.D.,4 and Woo-In Lee, M.D.corresponding author4


In this study, we report the first Korean case of an anti-Gerbich (Ge) alloantibody to a high-incidence antigen that belongs to the Ge blood group system. The alloantibody was detected in a middle-aged Korean woman who did not have a history of transfusion. Her blood type was B+, and findings from the antibody screening test revealed 1+ reactivity in all panels except the autocontrol. The cross-matching test showed incompatible results with all 5 packed red blood cells. Additional blood type antigen and antibody tests confirmed the anti-Ge alloantibody. While rare, cases of hemolytic transfusion reaction or hemolytic disease in newborns due to anti-Ge have been recently reported in the literature. Therefore, additional further studies on alloantibodies to high-incidence antigens, including anti-Ge, are necessary in the future.

Keywords: Ge, Blood group antigens, Transfusion

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