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Aging (Albany NY). 2012 August; 4(8): 525–534.
Published online 2012 August 22. doi:  10.18632/aging.100481
PMCID: PMC3461340

Caloric restriction: is mammalian life extension linked to p53?


Caloric restriction, that is limiting food intake, is recognized in mammals as the best characterized and most reproducible strategy for extending lifespan, retarding physiological aging and delaying the onset of age-associated diseases. The aim of this mini review is to argue that p53 is the connection in the abilities of both the Sirt-1 pathway and the TOR pathway to impact on longevity of cells and organisms. This novel, lifespan regulating function of p53 may be evolutionarily more ancient than its relatively recent role in apoptosis and tumour suppression, and is likely to provide many new insights into lifespan modulation.

Keywords: p53, senescence, aging, caloric restriction, apoptosis, cell death, cell cycle

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