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Published online 2012 September 26.

Table 1

Standardized 60-minute TM Protocol(34)

Bilaterally (supine):
Gliding (effleurage), general neck/shoulders, spread cream2 minutes
Head and face – without massage cream2 minutes
Gentle stroking, pressure points, kneading and scalp scrub
Kneading (petrissage); neck/shoulders2 minutes
Kneading (petrissage); upper trapezius, levator scapula
The following strokes will be done on one side, then the other:5 minutes
Friction – circular; beginning at the occiput, moving lateral to mastoid process
Friction – gliding
Direct pressure (trigger point); from occiput, moving lateral to mastoid process
Friction – circular; from occiput, moving lateral to mastoid process
The following strokes will be done bilaterally:5 minutes
Kneading (petrissage); upper trapezius, levator scapula, scalenes
Friction – circular; scalenes
Friction – gliding, stripping; scalenes (using lighter pressure on older individuals is recommended as per general MT guidelines)
Direct pressure (trigger point); trapezius, levator scapula, scalene (see pressure comment above)
Gliding (effleurage); general neck/shoulders1 minute
Arm (left, supine):
Gliding (effleurage), over anterior/posterior arm, spread cream5 minutes
Shaking at the glenohumeral joint (supporting the wrist, gently lift the arm and shake providing movement at the glenohumeral joint)
Kneading (petrissage); over lower, upper arm and hand
Leg (left, then right; supine):
Gliding (effleurage), over anterior leg, spread cream5 minutes
Kneading (petrissage); over lower, upper leg
Gliding, kneading of dorsum of foot, gentle traction of toes and movement of phalanges
Arm (right, supine):
Repeat as described under left arm above5 minutes
Have participant roll over and position prone with bolster under ankles, insure comfort
Leg (right, then left; prone)
Gentle compressions of gluteal muscles, and shaking of leg5 minutes
Gliding (effleurage), over posterior leg, spread cream
Kneading (petrissage); over lower, upper leg
Gliding, kneading of bottom of foot, gentle friction, flex knee, lift whole leg and gently shake providing motion the hip
Repeat on left leg5 minutes
Back (prone):
Gliding (effleurage), over back, spread cream15 minutes
Kneading (petrissage) over back
Transverse or circular friction over erector spinae
Kneading, and trigger point work as needed around scapula, and along trapezius
Finish – gliding (effeurage), shaking, closure, breathing3 minutes

Within these guidelines, the Therapist adapted the specific therapeutic decisions to their experience and the comfort/needs of the client.