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Cytotechnology. 1999 July; 30(1-3): 149–158.
PMCID: PMC3449934

Disposable bioreactor for cell culture using wave-induced agitation


This work describes a novel bioreactor system for the cultivation of animal, insect, and plant cells using wave agitation induced by a rocking motion. This agitation system provides good nutrient distribution, off-bottom suspension, and excellent oxygen transfer without damaging fluid shear or gas bubbles. Unlike other cell culture systems, such as spinners, hollow-fiber bioreactors, and roller bottles, scale-up is simple, and has been demonstrated up to 100 L of culture volume. The bioreactor is disposable, and therefore requires no cleaning or sterilization. Additions and sampling are possible without the need for a laminar flow cabinet. The unit can be placed in an incubator requiring minimal instrumentation. These features dramatically lower the purchase cost, and operating expenses of this laboratory/pilot scale cell cultivation system. Results are presented for various model systems: 1) recombinant NS0 cells in suspension; 2) adenovirus production using human 293 cells in suspension; 3) Sf9 insect cell/baculovirus system; and 4) human 293 cells on microcarrier. These examples show the general suitability of the system for cells in suspension, anchorage-dependent culture, and virus production in research and GMP applications.

Keywords: bioreactor, cell culture, disposable, wave agitation

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