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Published online 2012 September 13. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0044766

Table 3

RealTime-PCR analysis of selected genes.
Gene nameLocusDescription and putative function#UA159*TW239*Fold-change@P-value
16S rRNArRNA-16S16S ribosome RNA5.88E+075.68E+07−1.040.62
frdCSMU.1410Fumarate reductase7.16E+042.45E+053.460.001
adhASMU.127Acetoin dehydrogenase3.32E+069.04E+062.720.05
mleSSMU.137Malolactic enzyme8.32E+051.48E+05−5.610.05
mlePSMU.138Malate permease2.69E+053.27E+04−8.240.05
dprASMU.1001DNA processing protein1.50E+032.49E+031.670.02
gor (gshR2)SMU.838Glutathione reductase2.00E+058.04E+04−2.490.05
gshRSMU.140Glutathione reductase8.72E+084.44E+07−19.640.01
noxSMU.1117cNADH oxidase (H2O forming)6.08E+052.80E+05−2.670.01
ahpCSMU.764Alkyl hydroperoxide reductase (C)7.75E+054.17E+05−1.860.01
#Description and putative function of the selected genes are based upon the published S. mutans database.
*, The levels of expression are presented as copy numbers of the respective transcripts per µg of total RNA.
@, Fold-change is defined as level of expression in the Rex-deficient mutant TW239 relative to those of the wildtype UA159, with a – representing down-regulation.