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Asian J Neurosurg. 2012 Apr-Jun; 7(2): 75–77.
PMCID: PMC3410164

Telemedicine in neurosurgical emergency: Indian perspective


Telemedicine is rapidly developing telecommunication technology to provide medical information and services. The importance of telemedicine for neurosurgical emergencies was established with the fact that majority of the neurosurgical specialists are practicing in urban settings and in most of the rural areas, neurosurgical care is far off or non-existing. Countries with inadequate health care must incorporate telemedicine in their health care system. Telemedicine offers real benefits in a country as vast as India, where the majority of the population lives in remote areas with no access to even the most basic healthcare. Issues pertaining security, privacy, maintaining standards, and legal aspects are relevant. A recommended set of standards and guidelines for telemedicine needs to be set in place and constantly refined to promote the integrated growth of telemedicine in the country. The paper discusses various issues, shortcomings, and utility of telemedicine in India.

Keywords: Tele-education, telemedicine, neurosurgical emergency

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