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Published online 2012 July 17. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0040683

Figure 3

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Phylogenetic analysis of selected SpaA1 genes.

A. Bacterial and phage genomes sorted by the number of ORFs matching the SpaA1/MZTP02 region (based on the up to 200 best hits in NR database). On the left, the actual number of hits is indicated. Color code: three bacterial genomes with the 17-15 ORFs matching the SpaA1/MZTP02 region:purple; three bacterial genomes with the 13-12 matching ORFs: light blue; the phage with the largest number of hits matching the SpaA1/MZTP02 region:orange. B, C, D. Unrooted maximum likelihood trees for three ORFs the SpaA1/MZTP02 region. Each terminal tree node is labelled with GenBank Identifier (GI) number and full systematic name of an organism. Color code is the same as in the Figure 3A. The SpaA1 phage sequences are shown in red. Bootstrap support (percentage) are indicated for selected internal branches.

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