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Published online 2012 July 17. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0040683

Figure 2

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Architectures of SpaA1, BceA1 and MZTP02 genomes: comparison with BLAST protein matches to phage proteins in four Bacillus genomes.

The horizontal bars represent DNA sequences (all to scale) with annotated CDS on the forward (upper) or reverse (lower) strand shown as pointed boxes, generally in alternating blue and purple. The red, green and yellow shading indicates the three functional modules of phages SpaA1 and BceA1 (center) which are 100% identical except for the area around ORF47 (bright red), and the 99% nucleotide identical matching region in module I with phage MZTP02 (second row from top). Rather than the original annotation for MZTP02, annotation based on SpaA1/BceA1 genome analysis (Table 1) is shown, with grey colouring for partial sequences (1 and 19), and genes with frame shifts (12, 13, 17, 18). The bottom three bars represent complete contigs from three separate Bacillus genomes, with red/yellow highlighting top BLAST matches from SpaA1/BceA1 module I and III proteins, showing synteny visually. The top row of bars represents seven contigs from another Bacillus draft genome with green highlighting for BLAST protein matches from SpaA1/BceA1 module II proteins. Three of these contigs have been truncated for display. For clarity, additional BLAST matches to other contigs from these bacterial genomes are not shown (e.g. SpaA1/BceA1 ORF37 matches another contig in B. thuringiensis var. monterrey BGSC A4J1). This figure was drawn using GenomeDiagram [61] and Biopython [62].

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