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Biol Proced Online. 2012; 14: 7.
Published online 2012 April 18. doi:  10.1186/1480-9222-14-7
PMCID: PMC3388581

Competitive DNA transfection formulation via electroporation for human adipose stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells



Adipose stem cells have a strong potential for use in cell-based therapy, but the current nucleofection technique, which relies on unknown buffers, prevents their use.


We developed an optimal nucleofection formulation for human adipose stem cells by using a three-step method that we had developed previously. This method was designed to determine the optimal formulation for nucleofection that was capable of meeting or surpassing the established commercial buffer (Amaxa), in particular for murine adipose stem cells. By using this same buffer, we determined that the same formulation yields optimal transfection efficiency in human mesenchymal stem cells.


Our findings suggest that transfection efficiency in human stem cells can be boosted with proper formulation.

Keywords: Electroporation, Formulation, Stem cells, Transfection, Cell therapy

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