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Published online 2012 April 17. doi: 10.1186/1471-2288-12-50

Table 4

Methods of summarising injurious fall outcomes

Data reportedArticles n (%)Reference
Number of participants sustaining injurious falls17 (41%)[36,38,40,41,47,51,53,55,59,63,65-67,70,72,73,76]
 Sustaining medical care falls5 (12%)[53,59,69,74,75]
 Sustaining fracture falls11 (27%)[40-44,46,47,53,55,69,75]
Number of injurious falls17 (41%)[43,46,48,49,52,54,55,58,59,61,63,64,67,68,71,73,76]
 Medical care falls11 (27%)[38,39,56,59,61,64,66,68,74-76]
 Fracture falls11 (27%)[40,42,43,45,52,58,62,64,67,71,76]
 Falls requiring hospital admission3 (7%)[58,59,64]
Injury rate4 (10%)[40,52,54,65]
Injurious fall rates8 (20%)[37-39,56,58,61-63]
 Mean number of injurious falls per participants5 (12%)[37,40,49,63,67]
 Injurious falls/person time11 (27%)[40]1 ,[54]1, [62]5, [38]4,[61]2,[63]4,[68]4,[58]4,[52]4,[2]2,[39]4
Serious injury/person time3 (7%)[37,38,63]2
 Moderate injury/person time2 (5%)[37,38]2
 Medical care falls/person time1 (2%)[56,68]4
 Soft tissue/person time1 (2%)[52]1
 Hip fracture/person time2 (5%)[40,52]1
 Other fracture/person time2 (5%)[40,52]1
Time to injurious fall event4 (10%)[43,48,57,76]

Methods of fall documentation used in the articles. n = number of studies; calculation of percentages: number of articles used a specific method/total number of articles * 100; 1number/1000 persons year; 2number/persons year; 3number/10 persons year; 4number/100 persons year