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CMAJ. 2012 June 12; 184(9): 1065.
PMCID: PMC3381744

Philippines should not have been included

The CMAJ editorial1 by Dr. Kale came to my attention through an editorial by Haroon Siddiqui that appeared in The Toronto Star on Jan. 18, 2012.2

Siddiqui commented that Dr. Kale, in reference to female feticide, said that people from China, Korea, Vietnam and the Philippines “have imported the wretched practice into Canada.” This of course was nothing more than twisting Dr. Kale’s words. Dr. Kale did say, “We should, however, avoid painting all Asians with the same broad brush and doing injustice to those who are against sex selection.”

I object to the Philippines being included in either editorial. The Philippines is a devoutly Catholic country and the practice of sex selection by abortion is generally unacceptable.

I have been associated with the Philippines for over 20 years and I am married to a Filipina. I have shown Siddiqui’s editorial to a number of our Filipino friends and all are very offended.

I would suggest removing any reference to the Philippines as it is the worst possible example of a country where sex-selective abortion might take place.

I applaud Dr. Kale for once again bringing this issue to the attention of the world. Although female feticide is “old news,” reminding the main offenders (India and China) that their actions are unacceptable is obviously a good thing.


1. Kale R. “It's a girl!” — could be a death sentence”. CMAJ 2012; 184:387–8 [PMC free article] [PubMed]
2. Siddiqui H. Orientalist discourse on female feticide in Canada. Toronto Star 2012. Jan. 18

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