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Logo of nihpaAbout Author manuscriptsSubmit a manuscriptHHS Public Access; Author Manuscript; Accepted for publication in peer reviewed journal;
Med Care Res Rev. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2012 October 1.
Published in final edited form as:
Med Care Res Rev. 2011 October; 68(5): 559–578.
Published online 2011 April 7. doi: 10.1177/1077558711399581


Testing H-2 & H-3: the effect of ownership and bed-hold policy on within-facility hospitalization differences between Medicaid and private-pay residents +

(1) FP(2) NFP(3) The difference between FP and NFP
(1) Bed-hold eligible facilities0.296 (SE=0.065)0.160 (SE=0.045)0.296-0.160=0.136 (SE=0.079; P=0.044)
(2) Bed-hold ineligible facilities0.009 (SE=0.064)0.223 (SE=0.086)(0.009)-0.223=-0.214 (SE=0.107; P=0.023)
(3) The difference between Bed-hold eligible and bed-hold ineligible0.296-0.009=0.287 (SE=0.092;P<0.01)0.160-0.223=-0.06 (SE=0.097; P=0.259)
+The number in the cell indicates the log-odds ratio of hospitalizations for Medicaid residents relative to private-pay residents. All tests are based on 1-tail test