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Table 2

Functional distribution of 6-NDA-responding genes in C. albicans

GO terma6-NDA data set frequency (%)Genome frequency (%)P valueGenes annotated to the GO termb
Upregulated genes
    Response to stress10.488.594.57E−02CAT1, CDR1, DDR48, GAL10, HAC1, NCE103, RPN4, RTA3, SOD2, SOD4, SNQ2, SVF1, orf19.2175, orf19.2458, orf19.251
    Carbohydrate metabolism8.874.581.57E−02ADH2, AMS1, CWH8, GAL10, GCA1, INO1, MNN1, PCK1, UTR2, orf19.3994, orf19.753
    Lipid metabolism6.454.212.11E−02AUR1, CWH8, GIT1, INO1, LAG1, MIT1, PLB1, SEC14, orf19.6007, orf19.7441
Downregulated genes
    Amino acid metabolism22.443.771.19E−27AAT1, ARG4, ARG8, ARO1, ARO3, ARO4, ARO8, ASN1, GCV2, GCV3, HIS1, HIS4, HIS5, HIS7, HOM2, HOM3, HOM6, ILV1, ILV2, ILV3, ILV6, LEU4, LEU42, LYS1, LYS2, LYS4, MET13, MET2, MET6, MIS11, PRO1, PRO2, SAM4, SER1, SER33, STR2, THR1, TRP2, TRP3, TRP4, TRP5, URA2, VAS1
    Translation20.086.711.43E−12RPL10A, RPL11, RPL13, RPL14, RPL15A, RPL16A, RPL18, RPL19A, RPL2, RPL20B, RPL21A, RPL24A, RPL25, RPL27A, RPL28, RPL3, RPL32, RPL37B, RPL43A, RPL4B, RPL5, RPL9B, RPP1A, RPP2A, RPP2B, RPS13, RPS14B, RPS15, RPS17B, RPS19A, RPS21, RPS22A, RPS23A, RPS24, RPS27, RPS28B, RPS3, RPS7A
    Chromosome organization6.694.934.65E−02HHF1, HHF22, HHO1, HHT2, HHT21, HTA1, HTA2, HTB1, NAT4, orf19.1052
    Lipid metabolism4.724.214.71E−02ACS1, ATF1, ERG1, ERG3, ERG5, ERG6, ERG9, ERG11, ERG13, ERG251, FET3, HMO1, YMC1, orf19.85, orf19.4581
aData (139 upregulated genes and 271 downregulated genes) were organized into GO-based biological process categories using the GO Term Mapper tool ( Significantly overrepresented categories (P ≤ 0.05) with a 6-NDA data set frequency of ≥4.5% are listed.
bWithin each GO category, a subset of genes are shown that are relevant to the overall biological response to 6-NDA.