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Logo of jbcThe Journal of Biological Chemistry
J Biol Chem. 2012 June 1; 287(23): 19338.
PMCID: PMC3365967

PRELP protein inhibits the formation of the complement membrane attack complex.

VOLUME 287 (2012) PAGES 8092–8100

There was a mistake in the grant footnote. The footnote should read as follows: “This work was supported by grants from the Swedish Research Council (K2009-68X-14928-06-3 and K2011-52X-05668-32-3), Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, the European Community's FP6 funding (“Autocure”), Foundations of Österlund, Kock, King Gustaf V's 80th anniversary, The Royal Physiographic Society in Lund, Swedish Rheumatism Association, Swedish Society of Medicine, Knut and Alice Wallenberg, Inga-Britt and Arne Lundberg as well as grants for clinical research from the Foundation of the National Board of Health and Welfare and the Skåne University Hospital.”

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