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Acta Vet Scand. 2012; 54(1): 18.
Published online Mar 27, 2012. doi:  10.1186/1751-0147-54-18
PMCID: PMC3349463
The first case of Brucella canis in Sweden: background, case report and recommendations from a northern European perspective
Bodil Ström Holst,corresponding author1,2 Karin Löfqvist,3 Linda Ernholm,6 Karin Eld,4 Maria Cedersmyg,5 and Gunilla Hallgren6
1Department of Animal Health and Antimicrobial Strategies, National Veterinary Institute, SE-751 89 Uppsala, Sweden
2Department of Clinical Sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Box 7054, SE-750 07 Uppsala, Sweden
3Helsingborg Animal Hospital, Box 220 97, SE-250 23 Helsingborg, Sweden
4Department of Bacteriology, National Veterinary Institute, SE- 751 89 Uppsala, Sweden
5Swedish Board of Agriculture, 551 82 Jönköping, Sweden
6Department of Disease Control and Epidemiology, National Veterinary Institute, SE-751 89 Uppsala, Sweden
corresponding authorCorresponding author.
Bodil Ström Holst: Bodil.Strom-Holst/at/; Karin Löfqvist: Karin.Lofqvist/at/; Linda Ernholm: Linda.Ernholm/at/; Karin Eld: Karin.Eld/at/; Maria Cedersmyg: Maria.Cedersmyg/at/; Gunilla Hallgren: Gunilla.Hallgren/at/
Received March 8, 2012; Accepted March 27, 2012.
Infection with Brucella canis has been diagnosed in Sweden for the first time. It was diagnosed in a three-year-old breeding bitch with reproductive disturbances. Fifteen in-contact dogs were tested repeatedly and all of them were negative for B. canis. The source of infection could not be defined. The present article describes the case and the measures undertaken and gives a short review over B. canis. Recommendations on how to avoid the infection in non-endemic countries are given.
Keywords: Brucella canis, Canine abortion, Reproduction, Canine brucellosis
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