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Published online 2012 March 20. doi: 10.1186/1471-2431-12-33

Table 2

Adjusted regression model results

Gene region of interestART groupSC groupDifference
95% CIp-value
Na MeanbNa Meanb
Lymphocyte samples

KvDMR5247.612747.530.72(-1.00, 2.45)0.41

H19 CTCF35342.162741.700.66(-0.94, 2.25)0.42

H19 CTCF65238.072735.150.93(-1.79, 3.65)0.50

IGF2DMR05350.042648.320.08(-1.82, 1.98)0.94

IGF2R5269.262772.13-4.41(-9.49, 0.66)0.09

Buccal samples

KvDMR6453.462952.601.60(-2.77, 5.98)0.47

H19 CTCF36542.942943.09-0.24(-2.96, 2.48)0.86

H19 CTCF66538.372837.481.38(-2.89, 5.64)0.53

IGF2DMR06536.522735.032.07(-0.28, 4.42)0.08

IGF2R6579.452981.35-2.79(-5.74, 0.16)0.06

a Number of subjects included in the analysis

b The reported mean is averaged over all CpG sites in the region of interest

c Adjusted for pyrosequencing run, child's age, child's birth weight, child's sex, maternal age, maternal education, and household income