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Published online 2012 January 19. doi: 10.1186/1471-2431-12-7

Table 4

Reasons for first giving (or trying to give) infant a pacifier (N = 530)

Reasons for first giving (or trying to give) infant a pacifierPercentage of cases*
Prompted responses
 To soothe baby when upset/irritable, or for other reasons78.3
 To help put baby to sleep57.4
 To keep baby comforted and quiet40.4
 Because it is natural for babies to suck21.9
 To prevent baby from sucking thumb20.9
 To help stretch the time between feeds12.6
 To soothe baby when teething9.4
 To help in taking baby off the breast after a feed6.8
 As a distraction6.2
 Because it reduces baby's risk of SIDS4.7
 Because it is normal to use a pacifier1.9
 To help wean baby from breast to bottle0.9
 Don't know the reason0.4

Unprompted (other ) responses
 To treat/reduce baby's reflux/vomiting/colic/wind/hiccups4.3
 To reduce 'non-nutritive' sucking on breast3.4
 To assist in / improve attachment / breastfeeding1.7
 Other reasons/not specified1.4
 To reduce the effect of pressure changes during flights0.8

* Mothers could cite more than one reason