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Published online 2012 February 3. doi: 10.1186/1471-2288-12-10

Table 2

Comparison of the crisis-repair criterion with the criteria of Stiles et al. and Strauss et al.

Crisis-repair criterion 1 SDaCrisis-repair criterion 2 SDbStilescStraussd
Subsample with 29-35 therapy sessions (n = 10)
Total CREs/RREs35151223
Courses with at least one CRE/RRE9777
Courses with no CRE/RRE1312
Excluded courses--21

Single case with 200 therapy sessions (n = 1)
Total CREs/RREs349427

CRE = Crisis-repair episode; RRE = Rupture-repair episode.

aCrisis-repair criterion one SD; bCrisis-repair criterion two SDs; cStiles = criterion by Stiles et al. [7], two RMSEs; dStrauss = criterion by Strauss et al. [8], one SD.