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Published online Mar 29, 2012. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1002530
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Figure 5
Mutations in chromatin remodeling factors can impact splicing in a global or transcript-specific manner.
Splicing sensitive microarrays of candidate factors (A) bdf1Δ and bdf2Δ, (B) vps72Δ, and (C) rsc9-ts, as compared to the phenotypes of known splicing mutants snt309Δ and lsm6Δ. For each panel, the asterisk indicates the strain by which the data have been organized using hierarchical clustering, with the other data sets in those panels sharing an identical gene ordering. The orange bar highlights the location of specific subsets of transcripts showing splicing defects. The bottom insets show the location of each of the candidates within the U3 precursor dataset. Also, the locations of each of the components of the SWR complex are shown in blue, and each of the components of the RSC complex are shown in green.
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