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Published online 2012 March 29. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1002530

Figure 4

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Increases in precursor levels correlate with a decrease in splicing efficiency.

A. Relative levels of the indicated RNAs are shown in the background of 5334 strains. The data are ordered from high to low values based on a composite rank order, determined on the basis of the expression levels of the five canonical splicing substrates. B. The relative splicing efficiency of the Tef5 transcript in each of these strains, calculated as the relative Tef5 precursor levels divided by the relative Tef5 total RNA levels. C. The relative levels of the low abundance Rec107 pre–mRNA and Faa1 transcripts are shown along with the inefficiently spliced Yra1 pre–mRNA, none of which shows a similar pattern to the splicing defects seen in (A).

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