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J Radiol Case Rep. 2010; 4(12): 1–2.
Published online 2010 December 1. doi:  10.3941/jrcr.v4i12.671
PMCID: PMC3303365

Honoring our helpers


This special issue of the Journal of Radiology Case Reports honors the reviewers who donated their time and expertise throughout the year 2010 to the high quality and success of this journal.

This special issue of the Journal of Radiology Case Reports is dedicated to the people who contributed a significant amount to the high quality and success of this journal - our reviewers. Peer-review ensures high scientific and academic quality and accuracy. Reviewers work “behind the scenes” and provide their expertise on a volunteer basis, which deserves a special honor. Their comments are highly appreciated by the editorial team, the authors and of course in the end by the readers. Since 2009 the Journal of Radiology Case Reports implemented a reviewer evaluation system and gives each reviewer a specific score based on the quality of the review. Reviewers with a score of at least 3.5 (score range goes from 1 to 5) are awarded in our online “Hall of Fame” [1] as well as in our yearly thank you note. Detailed information can be found at our guideline page [2]. We would like to thank the following people for their donation of time and expertise in the year 2010:

  • Abtin, Fereidoun
  • Agarwal, ajay
  • Aksoy Ozcan, Umit
  • Al-Shatouri, Mohammad
  • Awad, Fahad
  • Bashir, Humayun
  • Behairy, Noha
  • Bloom, Allan
  • Brar, Rahat
  • Casas, AndrÃ
  • Christianakis, Efstratios
  • Daliakopoulos, Stavros
  • Desai, Paresh
  • Elsayed, Ayman
  • Espinosa Leal, Francisco
  • Garg, Ashwin
  • Garibotto, Valentina
  • Giesel, Frederik
  • Gilbert, Micheal
  • Gordhan, Ajeet
  • Hatem, Stephen
  • Heidenreich, Jens
  • Holzhauer, Markus
  • Irodi, Aparna
  • Jend, Hans-Holger
  • Jensen-Kondering, Ulf
  • Joseph, john
  • Karantanas, Apostolos
  • Kauczor, Hans-Ulrich
  • Koshy, Chiramel
  • Kosmidis, christoforos
  • Krishan, Sonal
  • Krishnan, Meghna
  • Lee, Peng Hui
  • Mahdy, Sameh
  • Mahomed, Anies
  • Mittal, Puneet
  • Morelli, Umberto
  • Muniz, jose
  • Nanavati, Kunal
  • Nour-Eldin, Nou-Eldin
  • Piciucchi, Sara
  • Puri, Ajit
  • Raikos, Athanasios
  • Roda, Manohar
  • Sarma, Sanjeeb
  • Serrao, Eva
  • Sethi, Sumer
  • Shah, Shetal
  • Shankar, Sridhar
  • Shanmuganathan, Alagappan
  • Sherazi, Furqan
  • Singh, Arashdeep
  • Sturiale, Carmelo Lucio
  • Tam, Matthew
  • Ullah, Mohsin Zia Sana
  • Unay, Koray
  • Vitale, Valerio Arcangelo
  • Wan, david
  • Wani, Imtiaz
  • Wani, mudassir
  • Zeinati, Chadi

Thank you!

Roland Talanow, MD, PhD – Editor-in-Chief

Frederik Giesel, MD, MPh – Associate Editor


1. Journal of Radiology Case Reports Hall of Fame. [Last accessed: 12/15/2010]. URL:
2. Journal of Radiology Case Reports Editorial Policies - Peer Review Process. [Last accessed: 12/15/2010]. URL:

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