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Published online 2012 January 27. doi: 10.1186/1755-8794-5-5

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DNA methylation profile of the liver genome. (A) Pie chart representing the proportions of genomic features with CCl4- and control-specific peaks. Gene body was defined as transcribed region, involving exon and intron. Promoter was as 20 kbp regions upstream from transcriptional start sites (TSS). 3'-flanking region was as 20 kbp regions downstream from transcription termination sites (TTS). These definitions were determined by using the UCSC Genome browser database. Intergenic region represented other region these defined regions. (B) Genome-wide distribution of methylated sites. Red and blue bars represent methylated sites of the CCl4- and control-specific peaks, respectively. (C) Number of methylated sites in each chromosome. Red and blue bars represent the CCl4- and control-specific peaks, respectively. (D) Relative number of methylated sites in all chromosomes. CCl4-specific peaks in all chromosomes (red) were relatively compared with control ones (blue).

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