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Asia Pac Fam Med. 2012; 11(1): 1.
Published online Jan 30, 2012. doi:  10.1186/1447-056X-11-1
PMCID: PMC3295646
Impact of carpal tunnel syndrome on the expectant woman's life
Zatel I Rozali,1 Faiz M Noorman,1 Prisca K De Cruz,1 Yam K Feng,1 Halimatun WA Razab,1 Jamari Sapuan,1 Rajesh Singh,corresponding author1 and Faizal M Sikkandar1
1Department of Orthopaedic, Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre, Jalan Yaacob Latiff, Bandar Tun Razak, 56000 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
corresponding authorCorresponding author.
Zatel I Rozali: zatel_atty/at/; Faiz M Noorman: faiznoorman/at/; Prisca K De Cruz: priscadecruz/at/; Yam K Feng: ykaifeng/at/; Halimatun WA Razab: mizhalle/at/; Jamari Sapuan: drjamari/at/; Rajesh Singh: contactbonedoctor/at/; Faizal M Sikkandar: drfaizal786/at/
Received August 19, 2011; Accepted January 30, 2012.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is known to be a common complication during pregnancy especially during the third trimester.
This article focuses on its impact to the third trimester pregnant mothers with CTS.
Third trimester pregnant mothers with no other known risk factors for CTS, were interviewed and examined for a clinical diagnosis of CTS. The severity of CTS was assessed by means of symptoms severity and functionality using the Boston Carpal Tunnel Questionnaire.
Out of 333 third trimester pregnant mothers, 82 (24.6%) were clinically diagnosed with CTS. Malay race was found to have significant correlation with the diagnosis of CTS (p = 0.024) and are two times more likely to get CTS during pregnancy (OR = 2.26) compare to the non-Malays. Bilateral CTS was two times higher (n = 58, 63.4%) than unilateral cases (n = 30, 36.6%), however no significant correlation between the two was found with severity (p = 0.284) or functional (p = 0.906). The commonest complaint was numbness/tingling during day time (n = 63, 76.8%). Majority of the CTS cases were mild (n = 66, 80.5%) and approximately one third (n = 28, 34.1%) had affected hand functions. All symptoms related to pain was found to have significant correlation with severity (p = 0.00, OR = 12.23) and function (p = 0.005, OR = 5.01), whereas numbness and tingling does not (Severity, p = 0.843, function, p = 0.632).
This study shows that even though CTS in third trimester pregnancy is prevalent, generally it would be mild. However, function can still be affected especially if patients complain of pain.
Keywords: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, third trimester pregnancy, prevalence, impact, severity, functional
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