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Published online 2011 December 5. doi: 10.1186/1471-2148-11-352

Table 2

log10 Bayes Factors for *BEAST analyses

Modellog10 P (model | data)GTR relaxedGTR strictjModel Test relaxedjModel Test strictSubspecies GTR relaxedSubspecies GTR strictSubspecies jModelTest relaxedSubspecies jModelTest strict
GTR relaxed-6933.66-15.86-24.50-10.454.3918.33-20.90-6.59
GTR strict-6949.51-15.86--40.36-26.30-11.472.47-36.75-22.44
jModelTest relaxed-6909.1624.5040.36-14.0528.8942.833.6117.92
jModelTest strict-6923.2110.4526.30-14.05-14.8328.77-10.453.86
Subspecies GTR relaxed-6938.04-4.3911.47-28.89-14.83-13.94-25.28-10.97
Subspecies GTR strict-6951.98-18.33-2.47-42.83-28.77-13.94--39.22-24.91
Subspecies jModelTest relaxed-6912.7620.9036.75-3.6110.4525.2839.22-14.31
Subspecies jModelTest strict-6927.076.5922.44-17.92-3.8610.9724.91-14.31-

Calculated for *BEAST analyses under different models. "GTR" refers to analyses where cytb was analysed under the GTR+Γ+I model and the other sequences under the HKY model; "jModelTest" refers to analyses under the models selected by jModelTest; "strict" refers to a strict molecular clock; and "relaxed" refers to an uncorrelated lognormal distributed relaxed clock. All analyses included all available sequences, i.e. also individuals for which only cytb was available.