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Archaea. 2011; 2011: 867406.
Published online 2011 December 28. doi:  10.1155/2011/867406
PMCID: PMC3254005

Erratum to “Towards a Systems Approach in the Genetic Analysis of Archaea: Accelerating Mutant Construction and Phenotypic Analysis in Haloferax volcanii

In Page 6, right column, second paragraph, COG1517 should be COG1571.

In Table  1, page 7, HVO_2477 should be HVO_2744 and HVO_B0354 should be HVO_B0357.

In Page 8, right column, end of last paragraph, HVO_2477 should be HVO_2744.

In Supplemental Table  1, the entry VDC2399 H26 ΔHVO_B0354 should read VDC2399 H26 ΔHVO_B0357.

In Supplemental Table 4, all HVO_2477 entries should be HVO_2744, and all HVO_B0354 entries should be HVO_B0357.

These corrections do not influence the overall conclusions of this study.

Articles from Archaea are provided here courtesy of Hindawi