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Published online 2011 December 22. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0028985

Table 2

Validation of microarray candidates by quantitative PCR.
ttkD2-50 embryosttk over-expression embryos
Gene nameMicroarray log FCp-valueqPCR FCp-valueMicroarray log FCp-valueqPCR FCp-value
Cht2−1.47 ↓1.65E−01−5.5 ↓<−022.4 ↑<0.05
Cht5−1.27 ↓2.64E−02−10.0 ↓<0.050.85 ↑1.60E−042.1 ↑<0.05
Cda4−2.03 ↓1.59E−01−5.3 ↓<0.05−0.029.36E−01−1.5 ↓<0.05
Cpr78Cb−2.08 ↓3.20E−02−15.0 ↓<0.050.653.37E−01ND
Idgf3−1.96 ↓2.53E−02−2.5 ↓<−01ND
Cht9−0.612.58E−01ND2.41 ↑0.00E+004.7 ↑<0.05
CG7715−1.46 ↓2.68E−01−15.6 ↓<0.051.42 ↑4.44E−022.9 ↑<0.05
CG84601.67 ↑1.79E−025.4 ↑<−02ND
Idgf1−0.702.83E−01−9.00 ↓<0.052.00 ↑2.83E−0210.0 ↑<0.05
dlg11.57 ↑9.15E−031.61↑<0.05−0.0151.03E−01ND
Scrib0.505.00E−01ND1.57 ↑3.35E−031.3 ↑<0.05
vari−1.35 ↓4.91E−02−6.6 ↓<0.05−0.0152.32E−01ND
Hdc2.55 ↑3.78E−0210.0 ↑<−01ND
sc1.86 ↑9.75E−021.6 ↑<0.05−1.29 ↓4.36E−02−2.8 ↓<0.05
ac1.21 ↑3.12E−01−2.6 ↓<0.05−1.80 ↓4.88E−02−2.0 ↓<0.05
H2.27 ↑4.83E−021.5 ↑<0.05−0.152.34E−01ND
Values obtained in the microarray and qPCR validation experiments performed on selected genes identified by microarray analysis in ttk mutant and ttk overexpression in whole embryo conditions, at developmental stages 11–16. qPCR analysis was performed using aliquots of cDNA pools prepared for microarray analysis. Note the correlation in the levels and direction of change between the two sets of experiments.