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J Gen Intern Med. Dec 2011; 26(12): 1385–1390.
Published online Oct 5, 2011. doi:  10.1007/s11606-011-1901-8
PMCID: PMC3235605
From the Editors’ Desk: Peer Review Now and in the Future
Richard L. Kravitz, MD, MSPHcorresponding author1 and Mitchell D. Feldman, MD, MPhil2
1Division of General Medicine, University of California at Davis, 4150 V. Street, Suite 2400 PSSB, Sacramento, CA 95817 USA
2Division of General Internal Medicine, Department of Medicine, University of California, 400 Parnassus Ave. Room A405, San Francisco, CA USA
Richard L. Kravitz, rlkravitz/at/
corresponding authorCorresponding author.
At Jon Stewart’s rally to restore sanity, held in Washington, DC in October 2010, this sign was prominently displayed (Fig. 1). While we do not recognize the holder of the sign, we would not be surprised if he turned out to be a journal editor. Journal editors disagree on practically every topic imaginable; peer review is the rare exception. To editors, careful prepublication scrutiny of findings by informed peers is an article of faith and a bedrock of scientific progress.
Figure 1
Figure 1
Sign prominently displayed at Jon Stewart’s rally to restore sanity, held in Washington, DC in October 2010.
To what degree is faith in peer review warranted? Perhaps not so much as medical journal editors would like. For one thing, peer review rarely intercepts outright fraud. As former New England Journal editor Arnold Relman put it, “Science is at once the most skeptical of activities and also the most trusting…. It is intensely skeptical about the possibility of error, but totally trusting about the possibility of fraud.” For another, peer reviewers agree with each other much less than one would hope. An analysis of 5881 reviews of 2664 manuscripts submitted to JGIM (Kravitz et al. PLoS One 2010) suggested that achieving adequate levels of inter-reviewer reliability (>0.8) would require 20 independent reviews, not the 2–3 that most journals typically solicit.
On the other hand, a 2007 Cochrane Review concluded that editorial peer review appears to make papers more readable and improves the general quality of reporting. And in an analysis of 507 original research articles submitted to JGIM, articles accepted after peer review garnered substantially more citations than articles rejected and subsequently published elsewhere (Jackson et al., PLoS One 2011). Apparently, even when they disagree, JGIM’s peer reviewers contribute measurably to improved editorial decision making by our editorial team (as judged by the admittedly narrow—and potentially biased—metric of subsequent citation rates).
Despite its shortcomings, editorial peer review is here to stay. Our faith in the process depends on the support of an outstanding group of reviewers. In 2010–11, JGIM reviewers volunteered their time and expertise to review about half of the more than 1,000 manuscripts that JGIM receives each year. During this period, 905 reviewers provided a total of 1,143 reviews with a mean quality score of 4.2 on a scale of 1–6 (as judged by JGIM deputy editors). Of these, 213 provided at least two reviews and 23 provided three or more. We are indebted to them for their service.
Among this group of dedicated peer reviewers, there is a cohort that stands out. Reviewers included in this prestigious group performed at least two reviews between July 2010 and June 2011, returned all reviews within 30 days, and received a quality score of four or greater on all reviews. An asterisk identifies the 100 reviewers meeting these criteria. We thank them for their efforts on behalf of the journal.
What about the future of peer review? While pre-publication peer review will remain important, post-publication peer review will gain much more emphasis. As argued by Schriger and Altman (BMJ 2010), “Post-publication critique, as the final arbiter of the meaning of each new communication, is no less important than the earlier phases and is a sign of a healthy scientific community….” At JGIM over the coming months, we hope to advance post-publication peer review in two ways. First, beginning in late 2012, we will begin publishing “mini editorials” alongside selected JGIM articles. These “Capsule Commentaries” will highlight methodological or content issues deserving additional attention, discussion, or debate. Second, we will take advantage of exciting changes in SGIM’s web presence to encourage much more interaction among authors and readers. The Society is planning a major web upgrade in Spring 2012. JGIM will have its own virtual space within the SGIM site, offering many opportunities for enhanced interactivity among JGIM’s social network. As these changes unfold, we look forward, as always, to your suggestions and feedback.
JGIM Reviewers, 2010–11
Abbo, Elmer
Abou-Raya, Anna
Acheson, Louise
Adegbembo, Albert
Adler-Milstein, Julia
Afable-Munsuz, Aimee
Agrawal, Varun
Agyemang, Charles*
Akrawinthawong, Krittapoom
Akrawinthawong, Krittapoom*
Albright, Karen
Alford, Daniel
Algotar, Amit
Alpert, Joel
Altman, Barbara
Alvanzo, Anika
Ananthakrishnan, Ashwin*
Anderson, Heather
Anderson, Wendy*
Androwich, Ida*
Antommaria, Armand*
Ardemagni, Enrica
Armistead, Niti
Arnold, Louise
Arora, Vineet
Astin, John
Atallah, Sylvana
Attridge, Russell*
Ayres, Lioness*
Baggett, Travis
Bakris, George
Bancroft, Marjory
Bannuru, Raveendhara*
Barkley, Geoff
Barkoudah, Ebrahim
Barnato, Amber
Barr, Michael
Barrett, Brendan
Barrett, James*
Barron, Beth
Barry, Michael
Bassett, Ingrid
Batch, Bryan
Bau, Ignatius
Bauer, Heidi
Baum, Michael
Beach, Mary Catherine
Beck, John*
Becker, William
Befort, Christie
Behler, Caroline
Bell, Ralph
Bell, Robert
Bell, Tanvir
Benard, Vicki
Benin, Andrea
Benner, Joshua
Berg, Jessica
Berg, Katherine
Berger, Barbara
Berkenblit, Gail
Berkman, Nancy
Bernabeo, Elizabeth
Bernstein, Kyle
Berry, Stephen*
Beyth, Rebecca*
Binswanger, Ingrid
Biros, Michelle
Bishop, Tara*
Bix, Laura
Blackall, George F
Block, Jon
Blum, Alex
Bodenheimer, Thomas
Bohannon, Richard
Boltri, John
Bonney, Loida
Bott, David
Boulware, L. Ebony
Boutin-Foster, Carla
Bovet, Pascal
Boyd, Cynthia
Branch, William
Brauner, Daniel
Brendel, Rebecca
Brenner, Darren
Brett, Belle
Briesacher, Becky
Brittain, Kelly
Brody, Howard*
Brophy, Jay
Brotman, Daniel J.
Brunetti, Natale Daniele
Bruns, Anke
Bulchandani, Deepti
Burchell, Ann
Burgio, Louis
Burke, Michael
Burton, Christopher
Bynum, Julie
Cadigan, Jean
Caines, Laurie
Cappelleri, Joseph
Card, Andrea
Carlson, Charlotte
Caron, Aleece
Carrico, Adam
Carrier, Emily
Carroll, Norman
Carroll, Patrick
Carson, Michael
Carter, Michele
Cartwright-Smith, Lara
Cavanaugh, Kerri
Cecchi, Enrico
Cecchini, Michele*
Cegala, Donald
Cene, Crystal
Chakraborty, Subhankar
Chao, Samantha
Cheever, Laura
Chen, Huiju
Chen, Judy
Cheng, Christine
Cheng, Hugo
Cherkin, Dan
Cherrington, Andrea
Cheungpasitporn, Wisit*
Chewning, Betty
Chin, Jeanette*
Chin, Marshall
Choi, Won
Chou, Calvin
Choudhry, Niteesh
Chren, Mary Margaret
Christianson, Jon
Chudgar, Saumil
Chung, Sukyung
Clancy, Dawn
Clark, Alexander
Clark, Cheryl
Clark, Michael
Cochran, Nan
Cody, Marisue
Coffey, Jr., Charles
Cohen, Beth
Cohn, Felicia
Coleman, Kimberly
Comsa, Mihai
Conner, Douglas
Conwell, Leslie*
Cooperberg, Matthew
Cordasco, Kristina
Correa, Ricardo
Correa, Ricardo
Cotton, Sian*
Coups, Elliot
Covinsky, Kenneth*
Crandall, Sonia
Croghan, Thomas*
Cunningham, Peter
Cunningham, William
Cutrona, Sarah*
Cutrona, Sarah
Czaja, Sara
Dacha, Sunil
Daley, Christine
Damiano, Peter
Dandu, Madhavi*
Danis, Marion
Datta, Santanu
Davidoff, Amy
Davis-Smith, Monique
Day, Gregory
Deamant, Catherine*
Dean, Nathan
Degruy, Frank
Desalvo, Karen
Desroches, Catherine
Dezee, Kent
Dhurandhar, Anjali
Diamond, Lisa
Dibonaventura, Marco
Dieckhaus, Kevin
Diehl, Andrew
Divine, George
Dixon, Brian
Djuricich, Alexander
Dobscha, Steven*
Doering, Tracey*
Doggett, David
Dohan, Daniel
Dolan, James
Dolovich, Lisa
Domino, Frank*
Donaldson, Molla
Dong, Yue
Donohue, Julie
Dotson, Vonetta
Doubeni, Chyke*
Downing, Steven
Du, Xianglin
Duggan, Ashley
Dunton, Genevieve
Duru, O. Kenrik
Dwyer, Johanna
Dyrbye, Liselotte
Edlund, Mark
Effiong, Andem
Eggers, Paul
Eiser, Arnold
Ell, Kathleen
Elliott, Daniel
Elmore, Joann
Elnicki, Michael
Elstein, Arthur
Enderle, Mark
Engelman, Kimberly
Ephrem, Georges
Eslami, Saeid
Fancher, Tonya
Farnham, Paul G.
Farzanfar, Ramesh
Faseru, Babalola*
Fauli, Siri
Federman, Alex
Federman, Douglas
Feero, W. Gregory
Feldman, Roger
Felix, Kaytura
Feng, Qiushi
Feng, Yongqing
Fernander, Anita
Fickel, Jacqueline*
Filardo, Giovanni
Filice, Gregory
Fingerhood, Michael
Finkelstein, Joseph
Fish, Laura
Fisher, Joslyn*
Fishman, Paul
Fletcher, Kathlyn
Floch, Martin
Flores, Ann Marie
Fong, Tamara
Forjuoh, Samuel
Forman, Daniel
Forrest, Christopher
Fortney, John*
Fourtounas, Costas
Fowler, Floyd
Fox, Rena
Fraenkel, Liana
Francis, Maureen
Frank, Erica
Freiberg, Matthew
Friedman, Maria
Friedman, Susan
Fullerton, Stephanie Malia
Fung, Constance
Gabbay, Ezra
Gagnon, Marie-Pierre
Gallagher, Teresa
Gardiner, Paula
Gellad, Ziad
Germain, Michael
Gerrity, Martha
Gertz, Alida
Gibbons, Melinda
Gimm, Gilbert
Ginosar, David
Girotti, Jorge
Glassman, Peter
Gliatto, Peter
Glover, Jackie
Gluud, Lise Lotte
Goddard, Andrew
Goldsmith, Laurie
Gollust, Sarah
Gomez, Arthur
Good, Chester
Goodlin, Sarah
Goodman, Kenneth
Gottlieb, Amy*
Gowd, B.M.Pampana
Grande, David
Grau, Lauretta
Greene, Jeremy
Griggs, Jennifer
Griswold, Kim
Groopman, Jerome
Grothaus, Louis
Guandalini, Stefano
Guddati, Achuta
Guerra, Carmen
Guessous, Idris
Gundareddy, Venkat*
Gusmano, Michael
Günald, Meral
Haaz, Steffany*
Haddad, Mark
Hahn, Elizabeth
Hahn, Steven
Halamka, John
Halfon, Patricia
Hall, Karen
Hall Long, Kirsten
Hallenbeck, James
Hamieh, Tarek
Han, Beth
Hanchate, Amresh
Handler, Steven
Hanoch, Yaniv
Hardy, Susan
Harpole, Linda
Harrity, Shawn*
Hasnain-Wynia, Romana*
Hastings, Susan
Hatahet, Mohamad
Hatala, Rose
Hausmann, Leslie
Hawley, Sarah
Hays, J Taylor
Hazlet, Thomas
He, Jianghua
Hellström, Amanda
Helmer, Drew
Hensley Alford, Sharon
Hepner, Kimberly
Heritage, John
Hermer, Laura
Hernandez, Jose Luis
Heslin, Kevin
Hess, Rachel
Hesse, Bradford
Hester, D. Micah
Hewett, David
Hicks, Frank
Hicks, Leroi
Higgins, Stephen
Hinch, Bryan
Hinchey, Kevin
Hinote, Brian*
Hirsh, Joel
Hirshfield, Sabina
Ho, Michael
Hodgkin, Dominic
Hoellein, Andrew
Hoenig, Helen
Hoffman, Richard
Hogan, Timothy
Holden, Debra
Holl, Jane
Holmes, Ann M.
Holt, Cheryl
Holt, Stephen
Holt, Stephen
Horvitz-Lennon, Marcela
Hsiao, Chun-Ju
Huggett, Kathryn
Hui, Sk Azor*
Humphreys, Keith
Hunter, Christopher
Hwang, Stephen
Iftikhar, Salma
Imazio, Massimo
Insinga, Ralph
Irani, Farzan
Jaar, Bernard
Jackson, Christian
Jackson, George
Jacobson, Janet
Jacobson, Peter
Jaeger, Jeffrey
Jamal, Yasser
Jean-Jacques, Muriel
Jelley, Martina
Jennings, Ian
Jenq, Grace
Jhamb, Manisha
Johl, Karnjit
Johnson, William
Johnston, Doug
Jonas, Wayne
Jones, Mark
Jones, Resa
Jordan, Lanetta
Joseph, Djenaba
Jureidini, Jon
Juul, Dorthea*
Kado, Deborah
Kaestner, Robert
Kahan, Scott
Kahlon, Gunjan
Kahn, Katherine*
Kaiser, Karen*
Kaissi, Amer
Kalager, Mette
Kanade, Sandhya
Kane, Robert
Kane-Gill, Sandra
Kaphingst, Kimberly*
Kaplan, Sherrie
Kapo, Jennifer
Kapoor, Alok
Karan, Mehmet Akif
Karliner, Leah
Karter, Andrew
Kassab, Maria
Kassirer, Jerome
Kattan, Michael
Kaufman, David
Kavalieratos, Dio
Kavanaugh, Megan
Keenan, Patricia
Kehle, Shannon
Kertesz, Stefan*
Kesselheim, Aaron
Kessler, Chad
Ketcham, Jonathan
Keyhani, Salomeh
Kilbourne, Amy
Kilgore, Meredith
Kilo, Charles
Kim, Theresa
Kimberg, Leigh
Kimerling, Rachel
King, Diane
Kinney, Eleanor*
Kizer, John
Kleshinski, James
Klugman, Craig
Knight, Chris
Knight, Kelly
Knight, Sara
Kogan, Jennifer
Koracevic, Goran
Korenstein, Deborah
Korthuis, P. Todd
Kosteniuk, Julie
Kotla, Sumankrishna
Kovner, Christine
Kramer, Jennifer
Krebs, Erin*
Kremer, Heidemarie
Krishnan, Ranjani
Kroenke, Kurt
Kronish, Ian
Kullgren, Jeff*
Kullgren, Jeffrey
Kumagai, Arno
Kumar, Ambuj
Kumar, Nilay
Labarère, José
Lagu, Tara
Lamantia, Michael
Landman, Adam
Landon, Bruce
Lantos, John
Latham, Stephen
Lavela, Sherri*
Lazarus, Cathy
Legare, France*
Leigh, J. Paul
Leland, Natalie*
Lemieux, Josh
Lenhard, M. James*
Lerfald, Nathan
Levin, Theodore
Levinson, Wendy
Lewis, Lisa
Lewis-O’connor, Annie
Leykum, Luci
Li, Jun
Li, Yuyuan
Liberman, Joshua*
Lieberman, Steven
Liebow, Mark
Like, Robert
Lin, Grace
Lin, Ming Valerie
Linas, Benjamin
Linden, Judy
Lindenauer, Peter
Lindenberger, Elizabeth
Lio, Peter
Lo, Margaret
Lo Sasso, Anthony
Loeb, Danielle
Lotufo, Paulo
Lowry, Becky*
Lu, Lawrence
Lunze, Karsten
Ma, Jun
Ma, Sai
Macdonald, Joanna
Maciejewski, Matthew*
Mahipal, Amit
Mai, Cuc
Mainous, Iii, Arch
Majumdar, Sumit
Malat, Jennifer
Malhotra, Jyoti
Malliarakis, Kate
Mamede, Sílvia
Mancuso, Josephine
Manganello, Jennifer
Manheim, Larry
Manjarrez, Efren
Mann, Devin
Mao, Jun
Marcantonio, Edward
Marcus, Marianne
Markson, Leona
Marusic, Ana
Masilamani, Santhi
Matthias, Marianne
Maunder, Robert
Maurer, Martha
Maxwell, Annette
May, Suepattra
Mayer, Anita
Mcalearney, Ann*
Mccarthy, John
Mccusker, Jane
Mcdonald, Charlotte
Mcinnes, D Keith
Mckinley, Danette*
Mcqueen, Amy
Mcwilliams, J. Michael
Means, Robert
Meerschaert, M. Carmen
Mehrotra, Ateev
Meka, Praveen
Meneghini, Luigi
Merkin, Sharon
Merlin, Jessica*
Metersky, Mark
Methuku, Nanda
Metzger, Maureen
Mhaskar, Rahul
Micco, Guy
Miller, Donald
Min, Lillian
Mintzes, Barbara
Misra, Ranjita
Mitchell, Matthew*
Mohr, David*
Montello, Martha
Moore, Donald
Mopala, Prashanth
Mor, Vincent*
Morasco, Benjamin
Moreno, Alejandro
Morriss, Richard
Moskowitz, David
Muhlbaier, Lawrence
Mulkey, Zachary
Muniyappa, Kishor
Murarka, Shishir
Musick, David
Mustafa, Reem
Nadkarni, Anagha
Nambisan, Priya
Nass, Sharyl
Nazi, Kim
Nease, Donald
Necheles, Jonathan
Nelson, David
Nelson, David
Nelson, Wendy
Newlin, Kelley
Newman, Lori
Newton, Katherine
Nguyen, Long
Niederdeppe, Jeff
Njike, Valentine
Noel, Polly Hitchcock
Norcini, John
Nunez-Smith, Marcella
Nuru-Jeter, Amani
Nyweide, David
O’leary, Kevin
O’malley, Ann
O’malley, Cheryl
O’malley, Patrick
O’rorke, Jane
Oliver, Brant
Olsen, Maren
Olshansky, Jay
Olson, Douglas
Olson, Sharon*
Opmeer, Brent
Oramasionwu, Christine*
Orlando, Lori
Oudega, Ruud
Overholser, Linda
Oyler, Julie
Ozanne, Elissa
Palmas, Walter
Pandey, Rahul
Panicola, Michael
Papageorgiou, Panos
Papanas, Nikolaos
Pape, Theresa
Paranjape, Anuradha
Parikh, Nina*
Parikh, Puja
Park, Mary Anne
Parnes, Lorne
Patel, Kushang
Patel, Mitesh
Patel, Sunita
Pathak, Ram
Pauker, Stephen
Pendleton, Neil
Penfold, Robert
Penson, David
Pereira, Anne
Perkins, Henry
Perkowski, Linda
Persad, Govind
Persky, Neal
Perwaiz, Muhammad
Pesis-Katz, Irena
Peterson, Cecily
Peterson, George*
Petittii, Diana
Petry, Nancy
Phillips, Erica
Pickard, A. Simon
Picot, Joanna
Pierce, John
Pitts, Stephen
Plantinga, Laura*
Plantz, Diane
Podus, Deborah
Poirier, Paul
Poirier, Paul
Poleshuck, Ellen
Politi, Mary
Pollack, David
Pollack, Harold
Porath, Avi*
Porta, Massimo
Powell, Adam*
Powell, Heidi
Powers, Benjamin
Prentice, Julia
Price, Lori Lyn
Prislin, Michael*
Qureshi, Adnan
Rajan, Sabitha
Rakowski, William
Ramachandra Pai, Rajasree Pai
Ramakrishnan, Kalyanakrishnan
Ramaswamy, Anuradha
Ramaswamy, Megha
Ramesh, Krithi
Rana, Sameer
Randhawa, Gurvaneet
Ranji, Sumant
Ransohoff, David
Rantz, Marilyn
Raue, Patrick
Raza, Shahzad
Razafsha, Mahdi
Reddy, Shalini
Redelmeier, Donald
Reerink, Evert
Reid, Robert
Reis, Shmuel
Reynolds, Grace
Rhoades, Jeffrey
Richards, David
Richter, James
Riesenberg, Lee Ann
Riley, Elise
Rittenhouse, Diane
Rivera Mindt, Monica
Rockwood, Kenneth
Roddy, Juliette
Rodriguez, Carlos
Roebuck, Mark Christopher*
Roetzheim, Richard
Roland, Martin*
Rose, Adam*
Ross, Joseph
Roth, Mary
Rothman, Russell
Rothschild, Jeffrey
Rouf, Emran
Roumie, Christianne
Roy, Christopher
Rubenstein, Lisa
Ruffin, Mack
Ruiz, Jorge
Ruo, Bernice*
Russell, Marcia
Russell, Marcia
Sadler, Anne
Saha, Somnath
Salazar, Sergio
Saliba, Debra
Salmon, Peter
Saluja, Sandeep
Salzman, Gary
Samal, Lipika*
Sanderson, Saskia
Sandhu, Nicole
Santana, Calie
Sanz, Francisco
Sarkar, Urmimala
Sarsour, Khaled
Sayles, Jennifer
Schapira, Marilyn*
Scherrer, Jeffrey
Schim, Stephanie
Schmaltz, Heidi*
Schmidt, John
Schmidt, Shelley
Schmittdiel, Julie
Schneider, John
Schneider, Sandra
Schnelle, John
Schoen, Cathy
Schoenbaum, Stephen
Schoenthaler, Antoinette
Schonberg, Mara
Schumacher, Jessica
Schuwirth, Lambert
Seago, Jean Ann
Segura, Jennifer
Sehgal, Raj*
Seligman, Hilary
Selim, Magdy
Serumaga, Brian
Sey, Michael
Shah, Minesh
Sharma, Priyanka
Sharma, Rashmi
Shea, Steven*
Shelby, Rebecca*
Shelton, Wayne
Shields, Cleveland
Shireman, Theresa*
Shivakumar, Geetha
Showalter, John*
Shunk, Rebecca
Shuval, Kerem
Silveira, Maria
Siminoff, Laura
Simon, Gregory
Simon, Joel
Simon, Melissa
Sinaiko, Anna
Singer, Eleanor
Skaer, Tracy
Skotzko, Christine
Sliem, Hamdy
Smidth, Margrethe
Smith, Dean
Smith, Robert*
Smith, Steven
Solberg, Leif
Sommers, Elizabeth
Song, John
Sorbero, Melony
Sorkin, Dara
Sorkin, Dara*
Sozio, Stephen
Spang, Healther
Staiger, Tom
Stefan, Mihaela
Steiger, Scott
Steinman, Michael*
Stewart, Susan*
Stoddard, Hugh
Stone, Roslyn
Street, Richard
Strenski, Teri
Stuart, Brad
Stuart, Bruce
Stuckey, Heather
Subhas, Gokulakkrishna
Sudore, Rebecca
Swallow, Nicole
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Tai-Seale, Ming
Tamariz, Leonardo*
Tang, Joyce
Tang, Ning
Tao, Guoyu
Tarn, Derjung
Taylor, William
Telfair, Joseph
Thirumaran, Rajesh
Thorndike, Anne
Thrasher, Angela
Tice, Jeffrey
Tio, Audrey
Tjia, Jennifer
Touchette, Daniel*
Trauth, Jeanette
Triola, Marc
Tsai, Adam
Tsai, Alexander
Tseng, Chien-Wen*
Tuohey, John
Tuot, Delphine*
Tyssen, Reidar
Ubel, Peter
Uchida, Toshiko
Urban, Susan
Vadlamudi, Raja
Vadlamudi, Raja
Vaillancourt, Regis
Van Den Heuvel, Wim
Van Der Molen, Thys
Van Eaton, Erik
Van Schaik, Sandrijn*
Van Scoyoc, Erin*
Varosy, Paul
Vela, Monica
Venkitachalam, Lakshmi*
Venters, Homer
Verma, Ashish
Verma, Sameer
Vijan, Sandeep
Vijayaraghavan, Maya
Viswanathan, Meera
Vogeli, Christine
Voils, Corrine
Vokes, Tamara
Wagner, Dianne
Wagner, James
Wakeman, Sarah
Walker, Edward
Wallace, Robin
Walling, Anne
Wang, Connie
Wang, Jing*
Ward, Kristina
Ward, Lawrence
Ward, Marcia
Warm, Eric
Wassenaar, Michael
Watkins, Katherine
Weiner, Mark
Weiser, Sheri
Weiss, Barry*
Weiss, Carlos*
Weiss, Debora
Weiss, Linda
Welborn, Toney
Weller, Wendy
Werner, Rachel
Wernsing, David
West, Brady
West, Suzanne
White, Mary
White, Richard
Whitley, Elizabeth
Whitney, Simon
Widera, Eric
Wieland, Mark*
Wight, Richard
Wilder, Ron
Wilkin, Noel
Williams, Karen Patricia
Willke, Richard
Wilson, Ira
Wilson, Stephen
Wiseman, Rachel*
Wittich, Christopher
Wolfe, Lisa
Wong, Martin*
Wongsaroj, Patarapha
Wood, Malissa
Woolhandler, Steffie
Woolley, J. Michael
Wright, Lucius
Wulsin, Lawson
Wunderink, Richard
Xu, Jin-Fu
Xu, Ruifeng
Yadav, Surinder
Yancy, Jr., William
Yanni, Leanne
Yano, Elizabeth
Yarborough, William
Ye, Lichuan
Yelin, Ed
Yerger, Valerie
Young, Henry
Young, Meredith
Zaas, Aimee
Zema, Carla
Zhang, Xuanping
Zipkin, Daniella*
Zirakzadeh, Ali
Zuberi, Rukhsana
Zubkoff, Lisa*
*Superior Reviewer, defined as >=2 reviews, quality score no lower than 4 of 6 on any single review, no review returned past 30 days
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