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Published online 2011 May 1. doi: 10.4161/bact.1.3.16710

Table 1

Bacteria, phages and plasmids used for construction and evaluation of A511::celB

Phage, strain or plasmidGenotype/relevant featureSource or reference
A511Wildtype, virulent, broad host range, Listeria specificRef. 24
A511::celBcelB inserted in late gene operon under control of PcpsRef. 10, This study
E. coli W3110Host for pCK1, recA+Ref. 25
E. coli XL1BGeneral cloning hostStratagene
L. ivanovii WSLC 3009Phage propagation, serovar 5SLCC 4769
L. monocytogenes Scott AClinical isolate, serovar 4bRef. 26
L. monocytogenes WSLC1865Food isolate serovar 4bLaboratory strain collection
pLUW511celB gene sourceRef. 20
pBS511-F3spBluescript II containing A511 cps sequence cassetteRef. 10
pBS511-F3s-celBEnd-modified celB gene inserted into 3′ end of cpsThis study
pCK1Gm+/Gm shuttle vector, CmrRef. 27
pCK1-F3s-celBContains 3.7 kb BamH1-EcoR1 fragment with F3s-celB cassetteThis study