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Published online 2011 May 1. doi: 10.4161/bact.1.3.16710

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pH- and temperature-related effects on signal-tonoise ratio over time in the A511::celB/MUG assay for Listeria detection. (A) shows ratios obtained at 85°C and pH 4.5 ([filled square]), pH 6 ([diamond]), pH 5.5 ([filled triangle]) and pH 5 (●) as well as ratios obtained at 75°C and pH 5 (○). Values were obtained after phage infection of 3 × 104 cfu/ml L. ivanovii WSLC 3009 and measured over 24 h. (B) shows the increase in signal-to-noise ratios over a ~6 h period after A511::celB infection of 3 × 104 cfu/ml L. ivanovii WSLC 3009 at temperatures of 75°C, 85°C and 95°C. All measurements were performed in triplicate, bars represent the mean values, and error bars indicate standard deviation of the mean.

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