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Nucleic Acids Res. 1982 April 10; 10(7): 2177–2187.
PMCID: PMC320601

Molecular cloning and nucleotide sequence of cDNA coding for calf preprochymosin.


DNA complementary to calf stomach mRNA has been synthesised and inserted into the Pst1 site of pAT153 by G-C tailing. Clones containing sequences coding for prochymosin were recognised by colony hybridisation with cDNA extended from a chemically synthesised oligodeoxynucleotide primer, the sequence of which was predicted from the published amino acid sequence of calf prochymosin. Two clones were identified which together contained a complete copy of prochymosin mRNA. The nucleotide sequence is in substantial agreement with the reported amino acid sequence of prochymosin and shows that this protein has a mol.wt. of 40431 and chymosin a mol.wt. of 35612. The sequence also indicates that prochymosin is synthesised as a precursor molecule, preprochymosin, having a 16 amino acid hydrophobic leader sequence analogous to that reported for other secreted proteins.

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