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Ere1 is not required for the transport of the retromer cargoes Vps10 and Ftr1. (A) Serial dilutions (fourfold) of wild-type, snx3Δ, ere1Δ, and vps5Δ cells were grown on synthetic media plates with or without 10 μg/ml calcofluor white for 2 d at 26°C. (B) Localization of Vps10-GFP in wild-type, vps5Δ, and ere1Δ cells. Cells were grown in yeast extract/peptone/dextrose (YPD), and vacuoles were labeled with FM4-64. Note: vps5Δ deletion-mutant cells show a fragmented-vacuole phenotype. (C) Localization of Ftr1-GFP in wild-type, vps5Δ, and ere1Δ mutant cells in the absence of exogenous iron.
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