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Nucleic Acids Res. 1984 September 11; 12(17): 6685–6700.
PMCID: PMC320109

Structural comparison of yeast ribosomal protein genes.


The primary structure of the genes encoding the yeast ribosomal proteins L17a and L25 was determined, as well as the positions of the 5'- and 3'-termini of the corresponding mRNAs. Comparison of the gene sequences to those obtained for various other yeast ribosomal protein genes revealed several similarities. In all split genes the intron is located near the 5'-side of the amino acid coding region. Among the introns a clear pattern of sequence conservation can be observed. In particular the intron-exon boundaries and a region close to the 3'-splice site show sequence homology. Conserved sequences were also found in the leader and trailer regions of the ribosomal protein mRNAs. The 5'-flanking regions of the yeast ribosomal protein genes appeared to contain sequence elements that many but not all ribosomal protein genes have in common, and therefore may be implicated in the coordinate expression of these genes. The amino acid coding sequences of the ribosomal protein genes show a biased codon usage. Like most yeast ribosomal protein molecules, L17a and L25 are particularly basic at their N-terminus.

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