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Published online 2011 September 29. doi: 10.2147/JPR.S17882

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Tachykinin receptor antagonists. Rats (n = 6) were implanted with a cuff on day 0 and readings of withdrawal thresholds were measured on selected days over the next 39 days. Baseline readings were stable on all testing days starting on day 1 to day 39 (there were no significant differences and all values were significantly lower than pre-implantation levels; data not shown). The effect of the antagonists to the tachykinin NK1, NK2 and NK3 receptors were tested: CP-96,345 on days 6 and 21; SR 48968 on days 11 and 17; and SR 142801 on days 13 and 25, respectively. Withdrawal thresholds were significantly higher than pre-drug values after the administration of CP-96,345 (on days 6 and 21; *P < 0.05) and SR 48968 (on day 17 only; *P < 0.05).

Note: Values are shown as means ± standard error of the mean of the ipsilateral paw.

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