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Published online 2011 September 29. doi: 10.2147/JPR.S17882

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Permanent cuff implantation. On day 0 rats (n = 6) were implanted with a 2-mm polyethylene cuff around the left sciatic nerve, which was kept in place for the duration of the study. Paw withdrawal thresholds were measured using von Frey filaments before and after model induction. There was a significant decrease in withdrawal thresholds after cuff implantation compared to pre-induction baseline values (days–2 and –1). No differences were observed between any of the testing days after cuff implantation.

Notes: Values are shown as means ± standard error of the mean of the ipsilateral paw. *P < 0.05; ^P < 0.01; +P < 0.001 compared to pre-implantation values.

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