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Published online 2011 October 12. doi: 10.1007/s11606-011-1765-y

Table 3

Comparison of Healthcare Elements and Functionality of CCHT and MHV

Healthcare ElementsCCHT FunctionalityMHV Functionality
Target populationVeterans with one or multiple chronic conditionsAll veterans
Equipment/technologiesIn-home: messaging/monitoring devices, biometric devices such as blood pressure cuffs and glucose meters, videophones, telemonitors, interactive voice response, digital camerasInternet web portal
Access to CareFrequent input of key vital signs and information, available for viewing at any time by the care coordinator, including viewing during patient clinic visitsOnline prescription refills
Appointment requests (through secure messaging)
Laboratory results (in field testing)
View VA appointments and notifications (in field testing)
Secure messaging (non-urgent requests)
Advanced clinic check-in (future development)
Coordination of careFrequent information regarding vital signs and other clinical information sent from patient to care coordinator; coordinator intervenes if data indicate patient is at riskStore and maintain information regarding providers, treatment facilities and locations, and insurance coverage
Documenting test results Health calendar
VA Blue Button
My Complete Medications (both VA and self-entered medication history)
Communication (between providers and patients)Frequent transmission of patient data to coordinatorSecure messaging between patient and health care providers
Coordinator contacts patient if there is a need; may also interact with provider
Disease Prevention & Health PromotionRegular monitoring of health-related dataWellness reminders
Can provide education and information on health lifestyle, and customized messages on select devicesHealth risk assessments (in development) Screening tools Health education resources
Self management (patient takes responsibility for care)Reduce/avoid hospitalizations and ER visits by identifying and intervening on adverse events, knowledge deficits and negative health related behaviorsCondition-specific and Healthy Living Centers
Medical databases
Mental health resources
Online courses and learning center
My Health Goals (in development)
Personal health history
Military health history
Family health history
Personal health summary
Allergies, immunizations
Food and activity journals
Medications, over the counter dugs, herbals, and supplements records, my complete medications
Veteran delegation of MHV access to family members, healthcare providers, or others of their choosing (future development)
Self monitoringPatient information sent to care coordinator over telehealth system (patient typically does not see or have access to data)Health eLogs (blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, body temperature, weight, heart rate, pain, pulse oximetry) (only accessible to patients unless hard copy printed and shared with provider)
(patient records vital status over time)
Medical events log
VA prescription history