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Published online 2011 October 12. doi: 10.1007/s11606-011-1765-y

Table 2

Components of MHV and Their Associated Functionality

Personal Information
 - Store and maintain contact/emergency contact information R, I
 - Manage account profile, preferences, and options R, I
 - Print selected personal/medical information on a pre-formatted wallet card R, I
 - Request refills for VA prescriptions R, I
 - View history of all VA prescriptions R, I
 - Record the name, start/end date, prescription number, and dosage for medications, over-the-counter drugs, herbals and supplements R, I
- View and print a complete summary of VA and self-entered medications R, I
Research Health
 - Search collections of evidence-based health information A, R, I
 - Access health screening tools, mental health resources, and related articles A, R, I
 - Take online course offerings to promote mental health A, R, I
Get Care
 - Store information pertaining to caregivers and providers R, I
 - Keep records of healthcare facilities visited and their locations R, I
 - Organize health insurance information R, I
 - Maintain a health calendar including events, appointments, reminders, and to-do lists R, I
 - View VA Appointments and set reminder notifications via email I
Track Health
 - Create and maintain a personal, family, and military health history R, I
 - Track and graph vitals, readings, and other health measures R, I
 - Record allergies by date, severity, reaction, diagnosis R, I
 - Document immunization information, including date, method used, and any reactions R, I
 - Document tests by name, date, location performed, provider’s name, and results R, I
 - Track medical events including illnesses and other issues R, I
 - Maintain diaries to monitor food intake and exercise routines R, I
 - View VA Allergies extracted from the VA electronic health record I
 - Select information to print out as a shareable Blue Button report R, I
MHV Community
 - Access information about benefits and resources, VHA-related news and events A, R, I
 - Explore links to additional online resources A, R, I
Wellness Reminders
- View customized VA Wellness Reminders for preventative care and screens I
Secure Messaging
 - Exchange secure electronic messages with healthcare team members for non-urgent needs (currently available at selected sites with further expansion to all VA facilities in 2011) I
VA Blue Button: Download My Data
- Generate and download an electronic copy of personal health information available in MHV R, I

A Denotes features that are available to anyone who visits the MHV web-portal-PHR

R Denotes features that are limited to users who have registered with MHV

I Denotes features that are limited to users who have completed an identity verification process known as in-person authentication