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Am J Cancer Res. 2011; 1(1): i.
Published online 2010 November 5.
PMCID: PMC3180109

Launching of American Journal of Cancer Research

Joseph H Antin, MD, Editor-in-Chief,1 Michael R Emmert-Buck, MD, PhD, Associate Editor-in-Chief,2 Andrew E Aplin, PhD, Associate Editor-in-Chief,3 Sheue-yann Cheng, PhD, Associate Editor-in-Chief,4 Vincent L Cryns, MD, Associate Editor-in-Chief,5 and Dengshun Wang, MD, PhD, Associate Editor-in-Chief6

As skepticism abounds regarding whether clinicians and scientists are winning the ‘war on cancer’, it becomes increasingly important to communicate in a timely manner the advances in basic and translational cancer research, alongside clinical findings. To further this process, we are proud to announce the inception of the American Journal of Cancer Research (AJCR, ISSN: 2156-6976, This open access online journal will be published on a quarterly basis. It will accept original research articles, novel technique manuscripts and reviews on a wide spectrum of aspects of cancer research.

It is an exciting time for cancer research with advances across the field from high resolution genomics to improved treatment options. We aim to showcase key progress to increase and integrate knowledge about etiology and molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis with the ultimate aim of advancing the cure and prevention of these devastating diseases. AJCR is supported by well-recognized leaders in the international cancer community, as reflected by the breadth of expertise and experience of the editorial board. In summary, we look forward to publishing significant findings on cancer and serving as a platform for communicating major advances and a resource to the diverse array of cancer researchers.

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