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Crit Care Med. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2012 October 1.
Published in final edited form as:
Crit Care Med. 2011 October; 39(10): 2337–2345.
doi: 10.1097/CCM.0b013e318223b910

Table 3

Results of spline regression analyses of the relationships of hemoglobin volume (HVx) and cerebral oximetry (COx) indices with cerebral perfusion pressure (CPP) during induced hypotension. Slopes of the relationships of the indices vs. CPP below the lower limit of autoregulation (LLA) are shown in the left-hand columns along with significance compared to a slope of zero. Differences in the slopes of the relationships of HVx and COx with CPP below the LLA from the slopes above the LLA are shown in the right-hand columns.

Group aSlope at CPP Below LLA(Slope Above LLA) − (Slope Below LLA)
Slope (95% C.I. b)p-valueDifference (95% C.I.)p-value
NT shamHVx−0.019 (−0.034, −0.004)0.0140.019 (0.003, 0.036)0.022
COx−0.011(−0.011,−0.001)0.0750.020 (−0.001, 0.042)0.059
HT shamHVx−0.016 (−0.031, −0.001)0.033−0.003 (−0.022, 0.015)0.731
COx−0.017 (−0.025, −0.010)<0.001−0.001 (−0.011, 0.009)0.819
NT arrestHVx−0.050 (−0.062, −0.037)<0.0010.030 (0.009, 0.051)0.006
COx−0.034 (−0.049, −0.020)<0.0010.037 (0.011, 0.634)0.006
HT arrestHVx−0.016 (−0.027, −0.005)0.0050.007 (−0.008, 0.023)0.364
COx−0.017 (−0.030, −0.004)0.0080.012 (−0.002,−0.027)0.098
aHT, hypothermic; NT, normothermic.
bC.I., confidence interval.