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Published online 2011 July 29. doi: 10.1186/1471-2334-11-205

Table 4

Knowledge about and attitudes toward H1N1 influenza

I disagreeI agreeI don't know
V (%)NV (%)IV (%)V (%)NV (%)IV (%)V (%)NV (%)IV (%)
1. There is an outbreak of H1N1 influenza in India and world1 (0.9)3 (0.5)2 (1.9)100(98)592(99)102(97)1(0.9)01(0.9)
2. H1N1 influenza is serious and may cause fatalities26(25.4)202(33.9)43(41)76(74.5)186(31.2)59(56)0207(34.7)3(2.8)
3. Transmission of H1N1 occurs from human to human42(41)36(6)34(32)59(57.8)275(46.2)70(66)1(0.9)284(47.7)1(0.9)
4. H1N1 influenza vaccine should be given only to high risk groups100(98)200(33.6)75(71)2(1.9)147(24.7)25(23)0248(41.6)5(4.7)
5. Vaccination against H1N1 influenza will stop the outbreak085(14.2)5(4.7)99(97)295(49.5)100(95)3(2.9)215(36)0
6. I am adequately informed about the H1N1 influenza4(4)100(16.8)12(11.4)77(75)250(42)73(69.5)21(20)245(41)20(19)
7. There is enough information available about the H1N1 influenza vaccine to the common public70(68)250(42)26(24.7)27(26.4)214(35.9)53(50.4)5(4.9)131(22)26(24.7)
8. We need antiviral drug to treat H1N1 influenza5(4.9)110(18.4)17(16.1)60(58)70(11.7)64(61)37(5)415(22)24(24.7)